Chase:  WHAT is that?

Me:  It is what Daddy and I are going to eat for the next 11 days.

Chase:  That’s it?

Me:  I think you also get to eat a few almonds here and there.

Chase:  And WHY are you doing this?

Me:  Just because.  I want to be healthy.

Chase:  Mom!  You just ran a triathlon!  I THINK you are HEALTHY!

The kid has a point.  I feel healthier than I have in a decade BUT, truth be told I could still drop 20 pounds and not look skeletal.  I would settle for 10 pounds.  While working out has shaved inches off my waistline, it has also built up muscle that has kept my weight at a level that I do not like to discuss publicly.  Plus, my goal of someone coming up to me in the supermarket and saying, “Did anyone ever tell you that your body looks just like Linda Hamilton in Terminator II” remains elusive.

Time for Plan B.

I have been told that one can drop 10-15 pounds on this Isagenix plan.    The marketing folks call it “cleansing.”  Those smarty doctors with letters next to their names call it ketosis which essentially means that at some point in the next 11 days, my body will go into starvation mode and will burn fat to remain functioning.  A colleague of mine told me that on day three I will want to eat my own arm but after that, it’s fine.  Good times.

Dave has signed up to do this with me.  The biggest kicker is that you can’t have caffeine and anyone who knows my husband knows what he is like if he doesn’t have his four cups of coffee in the morning.  It should be interesting.  I have already put a call into child protective services, asking them to check in on us around Thursday.

We will measure.  We will report back. We may even take some pictures.  I have not been paid to try this plan.  In fact, I paid to get these drinks, shakes and Scooby snacks.  So I will be completely honest in my assessment.  I may even ask Dave to chime in if he can stop shaking long enough to put his fingers on the key board.

So back to Chase’s question:  WHY am I doing this?  Because this is what crazy women who have children starting middle school today do to feel better about themselves when they are faced with the reality that they are old enough to have a child old enough to start middle school.   Or translated into a language that my kids can understand:  Just because.

Stay tuned.

PS.  Thanks to all of the well wishers on this weekend’s triathlon.  It was so much fun. Anyone who wants to do their first triathlon, this is a great race.  Happy to tell you more. We all finished strong and felt very proud to be a part of it. Congrats to Liz who was our A-Team top finisher (we knew she would be).  Definitely same time next year!

The A Team Women — Liz, Mo, Em and Andi


Doug and Dave (Pre Race)

Dq tri Doug and Dave 


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