A couple of years ago on a big summer trip through northern California, we ordered Chinese food from a restaurant in Berkeley called King Dong.  When we showed up at our friends’ house with the little white cartons, they said “We love King Dong!”  They are gay, which made this even funnier.  Our boys don’t remember nearly enough about our trip to the glorious national park of Yosemite, but they still talk about King Dong.

Locally, we all shudder at the Chinese restaurant “Tung Garden.”  Just not appetizing.

A few miles away, there used to be Minella’s Diner, which everyone called Sal Minella’s.  Who could resist that temptation?  I for one could never set foot in the door.  Why not just call it Ptomaine Palace?

My mom used to hate the name of a fast-food restaurant in Kansas City:  Squat and Gobble.  I think it specialized in chicken.

Inspired by these memories,  I’m collecting bad restaurant names.  Send them to me in the comments section – my sons will be the Supreme Court justices and the winner will receive a prize to be named later.

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