This past weekend we all traveled to Worcester, (say Wooster) Massachusetts for our niece Eliza’s Bat Mitzvah.  It was lovely in every way so I made a few keen mental notes as Noah’s Bar Mitzvah is just 17 months away and…..THUMP.

(Sorry, I momentarily passed out.)

Anyways, as I was saying, there were a few ideals that I will strive to emulate when Noah’s Bar Mitzvah comes in October of 2010.

  • It was pretty much all about Eliza (as opposed to her parents Beth and Jeff) and I could tell that made everyone happy.
  • The religious service was personalized, including Jeff leading the congregation in some wonderful singing. It was then that I asked for the tissues.
  • The party was not grossly extravagant but rather warm and fun, and lo and behold everyone had a terrific time without major, over-the-top accoutrements.
  • Almost without exception each guest had a connection with Eliza. She knew who every person was.

For those of you who haven’t experienced the upper middle class Bar/Bat Mitzvah scene, you may think these ideals are pretty obvious.  Those who have know that they are not.  I am not immune to the irrational exuberance that seems to infect Jewish parents as they prepare for this momentous occasion.  But I think this past weekend was a much needed vaccination against getting carried away.

Thus far, Noah’s only expressed thought about his Bar Mitzvah is that under no circumstances should the party-goers EVER be told to “please take your seats as the meal is being served”.  Apparently there will be no sitting at his party.  I can work with that.  It will save us money on tables and chairs.  What can I say?   The kid likes to dance, as does his mother and father if given enough alcohol.  Any opportunity I have to dance with people I love is a blessing.

This weekend was blessing — full of love, dancing and family.   

This song was one of the tunes that Jeff sang during Eliza’s service, making me seriously veklempt.  This guy has nothing on Jeff but since I did not have my web cam in the synagogue with me, he will have to do.  L’Dor Vador means “generation to generation” – a theme for Eliza’s celebration… and a reason to celebrate pretty much every day.

I can only hope that Dave and I pass along the same blessing to our boys when it is their time… in the not so distant future.


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