Emily wrote recently about how the transition from summer to fall is her clearest warning sign that time is marching on. 

On that same theme – how time and tide wait for no man – Chris tossed off a line recently that has had me chuckling every time I think of it.

SETTING:  A beer-and-burger joint in Wilmington DE

DATE:  Brutally hot 4th of July, 2010, lunch time

CHARACTERS:  Chris and two of his friends from childhood, plus two wives

RICKY:  Remember that round of golf we played, when (insert madcap links memory here) blah blah blah?

DAVID:  Yeah, that was hilarious.  When was that, five years ago?

CHRIS:  Well, if you think it was five, it was probably ten.  Just double all time spans in your head.

Burst of laughter and much rueful nodding followed, especially when the calculations were done and it was realized that indeed, the golf game in question had occurred 10+ years ago.

I love this killer observation from Chris.  Funny, yes, but also so, so true.  Time may begin by marching – but then it breaks into a  jog.  Before you know it, Time is sprinting, and I assume that eventually, it is flat-out racing. 

Wishing you all a lovely, and memorable weekend – may it bring memories that you reflect upon 10 years in the future, believing it was only five years in the past.

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