Last week as the boys were headed off to school I was pleased to see that Chase chose to wear a white undershirt beneath his long sleeved tee.  I didn’t share with him my satisfaction that he had finally learned that in cold weather you dress appropriately.  That would have unraveled it all.  But I smiled on the inside.


His good sense prevailed as he chose to don the undershirt the following two chilly mornings.  On the third morning the Mommy synapse in my brain, which was obviously in hibernation, suddenly kicked in.

  1. Chase is wearing an undershirt to school. 
  2. Chase is wearing an undershirt to bed at night. 
  3. My kid has been wearing the same undershirt for four days.



Is that the SAME undershirt you wore on MONDAY?

Uh, yes?



Whenever Chase is breaking world records, it is usually in the area of hygiene, sleep deprivation or nutrition.  This one needed to be nipped immediately.  I begin to spew:

“Oh no.  Kids who wear the same shirt every day are dirty kids and you will start to smell and nobody will be your friend and some grownups will think that your mother does not love you because she lets you wear dirty clothes and there are a dozen clean undershirts in your drawer that look exactly the same because that is why I do laundry and why cant you break the world record for consecutively wearing an undershirt but not the same undershirt????”

“Fine,” he mumbles. 

He gets that this battle is not worth fighting.  He hands the victory to me knowing that he will ultimately win the war.  Besides, there are new world records to break and he needs his strength.

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