Wake up to dog lick.  One of the nicest parts of my day… provided she didn’t eat cat poop that morning.

Take shower. Only because I didn’t take one yesterday… and, uh, the dog lick.

Think about blog post.  Should I blog about my declining hygiene?

Check email.  Work. Aol. MoB. Facebook. Twtter DM. Is 5 too many?

Bye Dave and Noah!  Alone at last.  Oh wait. Not yet. 

Wake up Chase!  Good morning sunshine!  Is your cough better?  Dear God please let it be so.

How about breakfast? Toasted peanut butter and jelly and cheese? (Gag.)  Sure!

That cough sounds awful, bud.  But not awful enough to stay home and throw off my day.  Take this and have the nurse call me if you feel sick.  Love you!

What should I have for breakfast? Granola and bananas. Yummy  Not a great day week month year to start the diet.

Laundry baskets are overflowing.  Kids threatening to wear dirty underwear. My achilles

Start laundry.  Should I blog about laundry? Have I blogged about laundry yet? Take picture of laundry.

Overcome with sudden sense of urgency to submit expense report to work after opening credit card bill.   Receipt scavenger hunt.  Good times.

Enjoy Jennifer’s blog post.  Love “by ‘we’ I mean” ….

Check in with boss. I’m here fighting the good fight!

Follow up on last week’s meeting.  I suck at follow up.  Wish there was no such thing as follow up.  Except when I need someone to follow up.

Call doctor to extend birth control prescription.  Do NOT want to let that one slip.

Follow-up on last week’s phone-a-thon.  Update spreadsheet.  Write pledge letter.  Discuss colleciton process.  How I became in charge of fundraising at the synagogue is still completely perplexing to me.

Change laundry.

Speak to Newsweek about story. Send data, seek additional sources and wonder if Newsweek will be around Next Week.

Check on annual predictions survey response rate.  Need more responses.  I’ll beg again on Wednesday.

Change laundry. Feed cat.  Should I blog about how fat my cat is? Take picture of cat.

Eat lunch.  Leftover brisket.  Not a great day week month year to start the diet.

Walk dog.  When did it get so cold?

Send fundraising data to colleague.  I thrive on being helpful.  Especially when I like you.

Send IPO data to reporter.  I thrive on doing my job well even when I don’t like you.

Start blog post for work.  Never finish.  Must do tomorrow.

Call reporter about Las Vegas meeting.  Is this a meeting worth going to in early January?

Call with PR agency.  New ideas!  Need to find time to think long term instead of daily to dos.

Change laundry.  Good excuse to get up from desk.  My butt is numb.

Coordinate strategy with colleague at medical device coalition.  Sometimes I wonder if I am a team player.  Decide that the answer is no.

Draft statement for House Financial Service hearing.  Haven’t done one of these for a while.  Like riding a bike.  A rusty bike but here I go.

Help Chase with homework.  Always great when he is crying before he even gets started.  Don’t let Dave get to him.  He will make it worse.

Eat dinner.  I think i should compete in a speed eating contest.  5 min from start to finish.

Drop kids at Hebrew School.  What’s this?  No fighitng in the car?  There is a God.

Purchase black pants for Noah’s Winter concert on Thursday.  Hey God who I just acknowledged?  Please let these pants fit.

Go to Staples for toner for printer.  $123 dollars for toner???  I am in the wrong business.  I should sell toner.

Shop at Acme for cupcake-in-a-cone ingredients.  Must be rainbow cake and funfetti icing or else. Chase’s birthday on Wednesday.

Pick up birth control prescription.  Again – if there is one thing I do all week that matters, this would be it.

Wrap night’s Hanukah presents.  We are on a just in time inventory of gifts this year.

Call Mom.  Want to come to Noah’s concert on Thursday?  I don’t know what time it starts, what time it might be over or when we will get there.  But do come.

Do more laundry. 

Have Hanukah.  Regret giving Chase the assembly required catapult at 9:00 p.m.  Fall in love with Dave all over again as he assembles it piece by piece with him.

Do dishes.  Peel crusted meat sauce from pan.  Taste it when no one is looking.  Oddly yummy.

Switch laundry.

Answer more work emails.  It’s only 7:00 in California.

Think about all that can be done in a day.  Get idea for a blog post.

Write tomorrow’s MoB post.  Not smart enough.  Not funny enough.  Sigh.  Well, there’s always…


Wake up to dog lick.

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