I’ve been in a 50th state state of mind this week. On Monday, Malcolm had to bring in an authentic Hawaiian dessert to share with his 6th grade Visa (world cultures) class, currently reading about Pearl Harbor. I’ll spare you details of the 3 grocery trips and endless stirring over low heat to make a coconut milk pudding. I wonder if any of the kids detected my secret thickening agent, Jello Instant vanilla mix? Hey, when the stuff hadn’t gelled by Monday morning, desperate measures were required. Plus, it tasted great!

The Hawaii theme continued last night, when it was all about Shane Victorino, the Flyin’ Hawaiian, who was key in getting the Phillies to the World Series (Wave those rally towels!)…and Barack Obama, who will be key in getting America back into World Class shape (Wave that voter registration card!).

Flipping channels between The Game and The Debate, I did have some questions. Why can’t Manny stop fidgeting? And isn’t there a more flattering hairstyle for him? Why can’t McCain stop blinking? And doesn’t he know that’s a sign of lying? Maybe he’s never played poker. Why couldn’t Obama have smiled less when McCain was talking? And doesn’t he know that looks smug? Why wasn’t McCain wearing a flag pin? And is anyone going to make a huge deal out of that little omission?

Best malapropism of the evening: McCain saying Palin was a “Freth of bresh air.”

I’ll sign off with this amazingly inspired treatment of McCain & Palin as a famous cartoon couple. As caricatures go, it’s absolute perfection. Kudos to the Gallery of the Absurd – but careful, you could lost here.


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