My lap top is sick.  As I sit here tapping on his frail little keys, I worry about whether he will even live to the ripe old age of three.  Little symptoms have been popping up for months.  He won’t shut down by himself.  He freezes at strange moments.  His desktop doesn’t display unless I manually run explorer exe off the task manager. He doesn’t listen to me anymore. 

And just as I earnestly pump my children with Motrin and pray that the ear ache and sore throat is a “morning thing”, I have been waiting for Lappy to improve on his own.  But last week his little operating system couldn’t take it any more and I called tech support for an expert opinion.  In a period of 5 days, Lappy underwent at least 4 remote “procedures”.  He was “escalated twice, and finally yesterday I got the word, “Your computer is just really screwed up. You are going to have to…… send it in for re-imaging.”

Send? It? In????  I broke out into a cold sweat. 

I spend more time with my laptop than I do with my kids. (Go ahead and crucify me but consider I work remotely 8 hours a day.  The math is accurate, dude.)  I am more intimate with my lap top than I am with Dave (Okay – what you are thinking is disgusting.  What I meant was that it really knows every conversation, everything I write and delete, and everyone I connect to each day, which Dave does not and I’m sure he is grateful for that.)  My work and writing depends on this machine. (I am headed to CA next week and I am NOT GOING WITHOUT LAPPY.)

For those of you who plan to do an intervention, I already admit I have a problem.  And I really don’t intend to do anything about it.

I love my laptop.  It is an extension of me.  Taking it from me is like cutting off my right…. Wait, what’s that you say?  You will send me a laptop to use while mine is being repaired?  A loaner Lappy??  You mean I will have a fully functioning, happy laptop and when mine returns it will be better behaved, free from all troubles, and ready to serve me once again?  Cool. 

Would you consider repairing a 9 year old? 


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