Riddle:  What does a AWESOME New Year’s Eve and a Blue Moon on December 31 have in common?

Answer:  They both occur every 19 years.

So here is question for MoB readers:  Of all the holidays available to you in a 365 day span, do you hate New Year’s Eve the most?  Or is it a close second behind Boxing Day? (Sorry, Canadians)

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that a good time on New Year’s Eve is about as common as a Blue Moon.  Cue dramatic irony.

Seriously though, the problem with New Year’s Eve is that it is chock full of pressured expectations to HAVE FUN.  And not just have fun in a general kind of way — BUT YOU MUST HAVE FUN AT THE PRECISE MOMENT THAT THE CLOCK STRIKES TWELVE.   At that millisecond, you should be at a GREAT party… with a ROWDY group of friends…  KISSING someone who is either the LOVE of your life or really HOT (or both…hi sweet pea).  You are nicely COCKTAILED, the MUSIC is rocking, and you can’t wait to embark upon a new year of POSSIBILITIES. 

Does this ring a bell for anyone?  Blow a horn?  If I can say I experienced just one of the words above on New Year’s Eve, I’m pretty lucky. 

With a few notable exceptions over the years, I found myself at the stroke of midnight in one or more of the following conditions:

Exhausted, nauseous, blistered, bloated, angry, lonely, wasted, and kissing a random guy in a sports bar (no this was not a recent New Years and yes, kissing a random guy in a sports bar is officially “a condition”)

I suffered from the above TRYING desperately to achieve the ULTIMATE NEW YEAR’S EVE.  This approach has never worked so in recent years I have taken a few pages from the brothers’  playbook of fun.  As long as you are with friends and you can stay awake until midnight, that is all you need for a kicking good time.  Let the rest take of itself.

Party is at our house.  Lots of dear friends.  Lots of dear children.  Lots of grape soda.  And, of course, the requsitie Blue Moon.  I think we’re covered.

Happy New Year to everyone!  Jennifer and I are truly blessed to have you reading our words each day.  Thank you for all your good thoughts, comments, and wishes.  2010 is going to be good.  I can feel it!

P.S. For you Blue Moon lovers who don’t particularly appreciate the classic song, try this one on for size.  Nanci Griffith does a beautiful job, making this my all time favorite breakup song.
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