January – a blank page.  Surrounded by oceans of sparkling white snow, under blue blue skies by day and billions of stars by night, this new beginning in the Rockies feels mythic.

Everyone slept until nearly noon today.  We took our time having lunch, lounging in PJs to chat or play games.  Pente, Operation, Apples to Apples, and Scrabble were on today’s agenda.  My big boys even agreed to play Hungry Hungry Hippo with their 4 year old cousin.

There was also some modern technology.  We watched some football, a movie (Bedazzled), a few clips from the Onion, some YouTube highlights.  I made cookies with my niece, Chris grilled chicken, Ian made his incredible pizza from scratch (honey in the dough is the secret ingredient), we plucked some champagne from the snowbank outside the front porch, and laughed ourselves silly.

The brand new year has started with a lot of togetherness, and a lot of old-fashioned fun. To quote my favorite line from A Christmas Carol, I’m happy not to be leading the life of Scrooge, “solitary as an oyster.”  

Emily and I are having so much fun with this blog, and are grateful to you all for stopping by and reading Mothers of Brothers.  It’s been a huge part of our 2008, and we look forward to what 2009 will bring.  Happy New Year to all!


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