As I sat across the dinner table from Dave on Tuesday night I wondered if perhaps we should eat naked.  After all we deposited the boys at sleep away camp earlier that morning and it was just the two of us, staring at each other thinking about what to say.  This was the moment we have been waiting for, wasn’t it?  No obligations to anyone other than ourselves for four weeks.  We now must do ALL the things we can’t do when the boys are around.  Eating naked just came to mind.  But I wasn’t in a naked mood.  And we have no window treatments downstairs.  Suffice it to say the neighbors were spared.

However, I was suddenly completely panicked that we will squander this time alone.  Expectations are high.  I repeat, expectations are high.  Everyone who has done this camp thing before has implored us to RELAX and ENJOY the time together.  So if we did this right we would go out to eat every night, sleep late each morning, take on a house project or two, shop for items that require lots of browsing and in-store pondering, throw away half the playroom, see every new movie that comes out, drink excessively, work out together, take off on a moment’s notice to various undisclosed locations, and, yes, shed all of our clothes whenever we enter the house – just to be sporty.  

I think Dave agrees with me but the difference is he doesn’t believe all of this should get done in one day. 

That is probably why he looked at me a little strangely when just hours into our kid sabbatical I began to clean the family room in a weird earnest while mumbling something akin to “must…not…delay.”  You see since we moved in four years ago, Chase has been quietly amassing a collection of crap in various hidden piles throughout the house.  Behind the furniture is one of his favorite spots and only when he is 90 miles away am I able to separate trash from treasure based on MY value system, not his.   I considered THIS a running start into my four weeks of RELAXATION because today I have to head to NY for work and Sunday I will run my first triathlon.

Somehow, I don’t think I am doing this right.

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