Thank you to all the MoB readers who sent get well wishes during my recent incapacitation.  My illness was fast and furious and absent of any major “ick” to which others I know have been subjected.  That is, I had a 24 hour fever – nothing else.  It was the best kind of sick I know.  In fact, (shhhhhh), I almost liked it.  I had the street cred of a temperature reading above 98.6 but as long as I was dosed up on Advil, I was really comfortable.  It just felt like I was carrying around weights under my skin.  So I got to turn off my computer, turn off my children, turn on my husband (not in the “good” way, he will argue) and once again remind myself that the world does not stop when I am not running it.  Sigh.

I was lucky because every other kind of sick you get pretty much sucks.  If you want to watch a very funny (but PG-13 rated) video on the different kinds of sick, follow the link from Geoffo’s comment on Wednesday.  But here are some of my commonly suffered sick classifications:

  • My Throat is So Sore I Can’t Swallow my Own Saliva Sick
  • I Just Have a Cold But I Brag About How Sick I Am Sick (I have zero sympathy for these people)
  • Every Time I Lie Down My Eyes Fill Up with Snot So I Have to Sleep Sitting Up Sick
  • I’m Sorry, It’s Viral So Antibiotics Won’t Help, So Suck it Up Sick
  • Please Just Let me Throw Up to Get This Over with Sick
  • I Shouldn’t Have Had Progresso Soup for Lunch Sick
  • I Can’t Believe That Much Diarrhea Came Out of That Small Child Sick
  • I Let My Kid Stay Home From School But Its 11:00 a.m. and He’s Perfectly Fine Sick
  • I Sent My Kid to School Hoping The Nurse Does Not Call Me And S–t, There’s the Phone Sick
  • If I Watch Any More “Law and Order” I Will Be Eligible for a J.D. Sick
  • Everyone in the Family has Thrown Up This Week Sick
  • I Know This is Strep so Puhlease Just Call in the Damn Amoxicillin Script So I don’t Have to Drag my Kid to Your Office Sick

I know this only begins to touch upon the maladies you have all faced – so if you have others – bring ‘em on!  Have a great weekend and stay well!!

PS.  Thanks for taking over on Wednesday, B.  I hear the fans calling for more.

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