Snow day!  White out the window, slush on the streets, two kids in their beds, one on the couch (hooked up by IV to the XBox), two parents drinking tea and trying to wake up.  Oh, and one unfunctioning computer.

So I’m posting this from Chris’s laptop, which is mercifully working.  I have to make this snappy so some real work can actually get done around here today.

Check out this fun video sent by Leslie in Los Angeles, who says it perfectly captures the California experience of shopping at Trader Joe’s.  Our experience is similar, except, as Chris says, we don’t have the wine or the molto varieties of soy milk. 

The filmmaker’s observation about favorite items being gone forever we can totally relate to.  Apparently TJ’s makes 25% of its stock obsolete every so often, just to shake things up and upset the customers.  This practice set off the famous Pot Pie Panic of 2005 in our household, when the coveted product vanished without a trace - just as Malcolm had mastered getting it ready all by himself for an after school snack or quick dinner.  When it once again appeared at TJ’s, I went into full survivalist mode, buying 100 boxes and stuffing them all into our basement freezer.

My favorite TJ product?  Frozen meatballs, Rondele cheese (for a third of the price charged by the Acme), Dunkers, and what we fondly call Packing Peanuts (cheesy popcorn).  Your favorite TJ’s products and recipe ideas welcome.  Hurry, before they’re discontinued.




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