Because Chris is a rabid Phillies fan and purchased a 17-game plan this season, we had tickets to Game 3 of the Series. The parents got to go, while the boys hung out with friends and did Halloween things.

The game was spooky enough for me. The weather was clammy, cold and rainy, delaying the start by what seemed like six hours. Our team lost chillingly, and everyone in our section was taunted by the bloc of drunken blue-clad Yankees in section 142. It was a riot waiting to happen.

So I can’t wax rhapsodic about the actual game. Some of the attire at the Halloween game was fun, though.

We drove down with friends Frank and Carol, their son Alex and his friend Matt. Matt wore his one-of-a-kind jersey, which his family won for excellent turnstile timing.  They also won lots of tickets, and Matt’s mom Beth got to throw out the first ball at a game.  Matt said proudly, “She got it in the strike zone.”  A victory for all mothers everywhere.  And Beth is a MOB-ster with 3 boys!

family2009 508








Then there were these two lovelies, with frocks, hats, and clip-on earrings from Salvation Army. The bearded guy’s shoulder loop was hanging out and I fixed it for him, as he frowned in bafflement and asked, “What is that FOR, anyway?” I told him it was to keep his dress from falling off the hanger, and he immediately felt he knew too much about women’s clothing and needed to return the flowered concoction THAT MINUTE.

family2009 512








And finally, we sat next to a rather elderly couple, who got points for staying to the bitter end, keeping a scorecard, and putting a tilda over Ibanez’s “n.” Their thin plastic ponchos flapped disconsolately, bat-like, in our faces the entire time, an apt soundtrack for a night in major league hell.

family2009 514








It’s not over til it’s over, however. Remember the Red Sox were down 1-3 before roaring back to beat the Yankees in the playoffs a few years back!  There’s another game tonight!

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