Today is the last day of my 11 day full body cleanse.  By the way,  for those who are wondering, there were NO enemas involved in this process.  I just had to say that for fear that you might think there were.  When you hear the word body cleanse, most people think enema.  Did you?  Of course you did.  But no.  Just shakes, drinks, snacks and almonds.

I have to say that it was much harder emotionally than physically.  After the caffeine headache went away on Day 2, I felt really good physically.  But not eating meals is a total bummer.  I did not take into account how much socialization goes on over meals.  And I miss chewing, of which I did very little.  But you know what? It really wasn’t that hard.  I won’t know my final weight loss and inches until tomorrow morning but I do know I am down 11.5  pounds as of this morning.  Dave has lost 15.  It worked.  And I honestly had my doubts.  Now they may use this post for evidence when tomorrow morning I bite into a piece of toast and completely explode, but you will have to wait to see about that.

It is a total coincidence that Dave and I finishing our cleanse on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  But it couldn’t be more fitting.  During the past few days I kept having this conversation with myself:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could cleanse all the toxins in your life and not just the ones in your fat cells?  How about a brain cleanse where all your bad feelings, hang ups, grudges, regrets and fears would magically melt and rush out your…. uh… ears, maybe?   A brain enema?

I would do that procedure in a New York minute.  Doctor Geoff – get working on this, would you?

Seriously though, in Judaism Rosh Hashanah is actually a time when you can “cleanse” your mind and your heart and your soul.  Each year I try, and perhaps succeed in little ways, but always seem to find myself with a lot of the same baggage during the rest of the year.  But this year, fresh off the physical cleanse, I think I am better prepared for the other.  It takes a commitment I honestly didn’t think I had until this past week.  And if I can go 11 days without coffee, carbs, and most meals, I think I can commit to being a better wife, mother and friend the full 365.  Especially if I can eat while doing it.

Happy New Year.  Happy Weekend.

And stay tuned for next week’s post of my overnight stay in the Presidential Suite of the Waldorf Astoria!

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