Calling MoB readers of all walks of life. I need some advice or maybe just a little reassurance that I haven’t become one of those Moms who is, shall we say…. an overprotective maniac. Here is my question:

In an era when parents, educators, and child development professionals are so wonderfully committed to the virtues of diversity, kindness, and nurturing the holistic kid, why does the practice of “picking teams” still have a place in organized recreation?

My humble opinion: This process should be viewed with the same disdain as letting your children ride in the car without seatbelts or sending them off on their bikes without helmets. The only difference is that in these last two examples, a child might get hurt. When picking teams for a game, a child always gets hurt. Everytime.

I realize that this is a non-issue if your kid gets picked first. Or second. Or even sixth or seventh. But what about the child who is picked last for every team? He has to stand there alone knowing that he is not wanted and is only chosen when no other choice is left.

How is this ritual not the cruelest, most humiliating process ever?

And there are so many ways around it. A semi-intelligent adult can divide teams fairly without much trouble. Or, if picking teams is still something that rewards the best players, then pick the first two or three players and then have the adult divide the remaining group. Don’t leave a child standing by himself. It is the equivalent to getting voted off the island again and again.

I know I’m raging. But I think I am about to mount a crusade so I need to know if I am being too emotional because it is my sweet boy standing there. Alone.

Tell me if I am overreacting or right on target. Pick sides.

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