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Good morning to you! 

I got that line from Matt and Meredith.  They say it to each other all the time on The Today Show, and it always sounds a bit babyish to my ears.  Maybe because when the boys were toddlers, we took them to Makin’ Music and they sang a song involving those very words.

But today, I am not ranting about M&M, both of whom I like very much. 

Although it is dripping with rain outside and the color green is saturating everything, the view from my window is not entirely jungle-like.  There are wonderful bursts of color around the house, which are a feast for the eyes – mostly pink and blue. 

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This is the most gorgeous time of year in the Philadelphia region.  Banks of azaleas dripping over stone walls, wisteria in full bloom, a lone tulip that has not been eaten by deer (disclaimer:  please note this is located next to our soon-to-be-razed garage and we’re not bothering to tidy that bed up) and weeds that have not yet come up and ravaged everything….for one brief shining moment, things around here look a tiny bit like Sissinghurst. 

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Today’s  post concludes with a paraphrase of someone else on the Today Show:  What’s happening in the garden in your neck of the woods? 
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