It’s easy to forget, staying at home in one’s comfy routine, how much fun it is to get away and be with people you love in a different place.  Dread of packing, closing up the house, trudging barefoot through airport security, renting a car, sleeping in a bed not my own – without my own perfect pillow!- can all be serious stumbling blocks. 

Back home now, I’m looking at pictures from our fantastic week in Colorado and reliving all the fun.  We broke out of our rut and mixed up the character combinations.  Normally Hugh & Malcolm are two peas in a pod.  This time, Ian & Malcolm took snowboarding classes together, while Chris and I skiied with our middle child Hugh, who is almost never alone with us.  

We played Pit, the official game of my parents and brothers, and this time, the boys really got into it.  So did my nieces and their friends,  Much hilarity ensued.

At my brother’s request, I taught my niece Logan to make the family holiday requirement, Ice Box Rolls.  Here she labors under the scrutiny of the Bossman, her dad.

Chris the car nut got to play with Griffin the car nut.

Logan turned 13 and Malcolm turned 12 right after New Year’s Day.  Another board shop T-shirt for the collection.

And speaking of Infernos, we struggled somewhat hilariously through knee-deep powder (thigh-deep for the kids) in Tom and Wendy’s backyard to burn the Christmas tree late one night.  Throwing ours in the compost will always feel hopelessly boring from now on.  A bonfire cannot be beat.

While it’s good to be home and lay my head on my own perfectly squished pillow, memo to self:  do not let the suitcases get too dusty in 2009. 

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