We interrupt this Monday morning blog for a very important public service announcement:  It has come to the attention of the blogger that there are disturbing similarities between the packaging for Dial Soap (our brand of choice) and Dial Soap for Men (what Dave accidentally bought last week).  See for yourself:

                 Regular Dial                                   Dial for Men

dial_soap_gold01 DialforMen 

Of particular concern is the tiny size of the words “for men” which is practically invisible to the human eye, especially when the human has to complete a week’s worth of grocery shopping in 15 minutes because he has to pick his kid up at guitar lessons.  The similar “sunburst” coloring doesn’t help either.

Needless to say, Dial for Men made its home on our shower soap dish this week. 


When that bar disapears around the 12th of never, the “son of Dial for Men” and “grandson of dial for Men” are in our bathroom cabinet because Dave purchased a box of three and I refuse to throw away soap.

I also refuse to use “Dial for Men”. 

It’s hard enough to maintain some semblance of femininity and dignity in this house.  Now the soap is against me.

I realize that I am being just a wee bit unreasonable.  It smells perfectly soapy – and not especially manly.  (Speaking of which, what does manly soap smell like?  Bourbon musk?)  I can’t imagine it is harsh on the skin.  And it’s not too large for my dainty, lady like fingers to grasp.  Why can’t I just suck it up and use the soap?

I’m scared if I use it I’m going to grow balls.

You never know.  They invented Rogaine, didn’t they?   

So I have resorted to an old favorite trick of mine back from my college days when I forgot the soap in my little dorm bucket.  I use shampoo as body wash.

Please MoB readers, don’t make the same mistake Dave did.  Read the packaging VERY CLOSELY before you buy.  You don’t want to end up like me.  

Disclaimer: The author of this post would like to state for the record that she in no way believes that Dial for Men would actually make her grow balls and that she has the utmost respect for the Henkel’s Corporation that is behind the Dial brand of products. In fact, another Henkel’s brand, Dry Idea Deodorant is her absolute fav and perhaps the most brand sensitive product she purchases. However, she would not use Dry Idea for Men either, if that even existed, for fear of werewolf armpits. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
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