My kids love Failblog, which simply shows a photo of something gone horribly, or even just marginally, wrong. 

It could be a goat twirling by its horns on a wire fence, an electrical box in the side of a shower stall, or an unintentionally rude headline.

I would be the perfect person to work on Fail Blog, Proofreading Edition.  I’m already practicing.

Yesterday I snapped this photo in the Swarthmore PA Co-Op. 

october textiles 288

Although I tried to be sly about it, there was a clerk standing in that very aisle, and I couldn’t outwait her.  So when she saw me taking the photo, she expressed curiosity.  I said “Well, there’s a typo.” 

“Oh yes,” she said.  “Stationary should be spelled with an E.  I noticed that when they first put the sign up.”

I pressed, “You must get tired of people pointing out the mistake.  I mean, this IS Swarthmore PA,”  I was thinking, “All those Prius-driving professors, students, Quakers, lawyers and 501-C3 types who live in town must constantly comment on how humiliating it is to have a glaring typo in the ville’s one and only grocery store.”

“No,” she responded.  “You and I are the only ones who seem to have noticed.” 

I don’t know whether to be proud of my perspicaciousness or chagrined by my persnickitivity. 

Recently, my friend Donna sent me a link to a blog that features photos of signs with out of control quotation marks. 

And someone else has a smash hit of a blog called Cake Wrecks which is solely devoted to typos and misadventures in icing. 

So maybe there’s a market for my misspelling blog.  Actually I’m sure someone has already beaten me to it.

As my boys would say, “Epic Fail.”

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