Emily’s movie yesterday?  A hard act to follow.

But speaking of humor, I am lucky to live with a house full of clever people who make me laugh every day.

Here are just a few cases in point from the past week:

* After baking cookies last night, a note was left on the counter next to one of the baked goods (which had been carefully bagged and segregated).  Chris was convinced that two chips had ended up looking like beady eyes, with two big ears protruding off to the sides.

* When I unpacked groceries, Malcolm looked at the box of Cinnamon Life (Hugh’s special request) and said “Ah yes, cinnamon is the spice of life.” Having children who can do wordplay? Heaven.

* On a heavier note, we saw on the evening news an update on the kidnapping of an Ohio girl, and the three people missing from her home. Police were quoted as saying they were suspicious and feared the worst because “an unusual amount of blood was found in the home.” After murmurings of dismay, Chris wondered, “What would a usual amount of blood be?” An excellent question. Wouldn’t ANY amount of blood found in a house be a very bad sign? What, exactly, constitutes an unusual amount?  These are the points we ponder.

* Hugh can always be relied upon to regale us with descriptive tales of his teachers, co-workers, customers, and classmates.  A skilled mimic and raconteur, we are always highly entertained by his daily reports. 

* Ian is very droll, having inherited a dry English wit.  His brand of  humor, far from being slapstick, is subtle and often brilliant.  With a drawing pad, he can capture a person or thing with a few economical strokes of the pencil.   Now that he is attending an Art School, where eccentricity is the norm, the humor possibilities are endless.  We can’t wait until he’s home for the holidays, entertaining us with tales of college life. 

Clever housemates.  As one of my friends is saying in daily Thanksgiving posts on Facebook, “For this I am grateful.”

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