WIth three teenage boys in the house, you can imagine how quickly a pan of brownies evaporates. 

“The brownies are GONE?  I only got one piece!” 

“Who hogged the brownies?” 

“Hey, there’s nothing but crumbs!!! IAN!  How late were you up last night?!!!”

Outraged cries, denials, and lame justifications ensue, complete with self-righteous accountings of exactly how few bites of the brownie batch the aggrieved parties consumed.

I can’t believe it took me this long to come up with the solution, but finally, I decided that the only fair measure was to ration the brownies.  Last night Malcolm hovered nearby, approving the initial knife marks I made in a freshly cooled batch of brownies, before 20 approximately equal squares were cut.

We then packaged the squares in 5 individual containers, marked with post-it note name tags.  Now, you can eat your portion all at once or make it last a while.  Theoretically, it’s nobody’s business but your own. 

Rationing means more dishes to wash, but fewer fights to referee.  I’ll take that trade.


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