Earlier this week, I received my Oprah Magazine in the mail.   I used to get jazzed about these arrivals but lately they have left me feeling cold.  Maybe it’s because every issue is the same?  Be the Best You Can Be!  Look Amazing! Eat Healthy!  Overcome the Odds!  Do More – Much Better!

Yeah, I get it already.

The same holds true for other magazines.  How many yoga positions are there really?  And gentlemen, if you think that women have the monopoly on mono-themed magazines, I challenge you look at the last year of Men’s Health covers and find me something that doesn’t talk about killer abs or better sex.  No wonder the magazine industry is in trouble.

What we need is a new magazine that addresses the pressing issues of the day for real women and men.  With different topics each month.  And while we’re at it, let’s take it down a notch in terms of expectations.  Here’s my concept:  I present to you Real Life Magazine – For the Rest of Us.   I am already planning the inaugural issue and am in the process of hiring freelancers to write the following articles:

Happiness is Fleeting and Elusive – Being Sad is Easier

World’s Worst Haircuts For Every Shaped Face

Fitness Made Easy:  How to Go Months Without Working Out And Gain Three Dress Sizes

100 Awesome Lies for Getting Out Of Work, Sex and PTO Meetings

In Your Words:  Readers Dish on People They Hate at the Gym

Best Breakfast Cereals For Dinner

Personal Essay: What I Have Learned from The Jersey Shore

Just Be Bald – Its OK

The Latest and Greatest Positions… For Watching Football on the Couch —  Warning:  They Will Make Her Scream

5 Types of People Its Okay to Pass Judgment On

We Shall Overcome:  How One Woman Beat the Odds and Learned how to Love Her Muffin Top

At Work and Play:  Using Denial to Your Advantage

You Really Can’t Have it ALL – How To Settle in 3 Easy Steps

True Confessions:  I Cyber Stalk My Ex..and his New Girlfriend

Fashion Makeover:  The Best Looks for People with Guts of All Sizes

Hollywood@ Home:  A-List Stars Reveal Their Personal Bathroom Habits – Angie, Orlando, Scarlett and Justin Get Refreshingly Candid

I figured we could start publishing by mid-year.  Can you write some of these stories?  Have your own story ideas?  Bring it!  I think I hear Conde Nast calling!

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