This morning Dave told me that if I spent more than 15 minutes on Mothers of Brothers today he would:

– divorce me  (Too expensive.)

– beat me (I have the black belt, my love.)

– ridicule me (C’mon, sticks and stones, really?)

– overcook my hamburger tonight. (!!!)

Oh, the humanity.  The man plays hard ball. 

I hope everyone takes Dave’s advice and takes a little time off today.  And while you are chowing down at your  bar-b-ques, enjoying your swimming pools, and finding your white shorts, take one more thing — a moment.   To remember how lucky we are to enjoy all these things simply because there are men and women who are willing to die for our right to do so.  For many of us, Memorial Day has become the gateway to summertime and in our enthusiasm to step through it, we have lost the importance of the holiday.   And it is important. 

A Happy and Safe Memorial Day to all our MoB readers!

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