I grabbed this photo from our friend Jim’s Facebook page. 

On the left, Prince William and his fiance, Kate.

On the far right, Jim and Laura’s daughter Jane (she who made so many incredible Thanksgiving desserts) and her boyfriend Drew. 

Good call, Jim, they are the handsome-and-beautiful American doppelgangers of the Royal Couple. 

When I saw William and Kate interviewed on their upcoming marriage, there was a moment when, while William was talking, Kate reached over and plucked a fallen hair from his shoulder.  She then flicked it casually onto the floor – the Queen’s floor!  In Buckingham Palace!

My first thought:  will the Queen would call her onto the carpet for despoiling the royal rug? 

Second thought:  how sweet and intimate.

Third thought:  oh dear, what a poignant way to remind the entire world – on camera - that Prince William has inherited his father’s male-pattern-balding.  Despite the belief of some males that they will inherit their maternal grandfather’s hairlines, I don’t think that’s really true. 

I do think Jane and Drew should be invited to London for the royal festivities.  They could be the stand-ins during all the rehearsals leading up to the real pomp and circumstance.   Now where did I put Prince Charles’s mobile number?

Are you a royal watcher or could you not care less?
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