Last week as I sat in the doctor’s office waiting for Chase to be seen, my own throat burning just as much as his, I chatted with the nurse at the front desk about our potential diagnoses.  I guessed out loud that we both had strep throat to which she replied:

Probably.  Its running rampant.

I immediately had visions of evil strep germs running through the grade school, jumping down the throats of unsuspecting children only to be brought home where they scurry around family rooms all over town, impervious to any defense.  What the thought of a community strep epidemic lacked in overall appeal, it made up in reassurances that yes, this sorry state that we are in is not our fault.  It is running rampant.  And everyone knows, when something is running rampant, there is really no stopping it.  Our illness was unpreventable.  We are but two of thousands of innocent victims.

As I pondered our current infestation, it began to dawn on me that there are plenty more conditions that are running rampant in our town – conditions that are now in my mind not blameworthy because of their prevalence.  Consider the following and let me know if any of these circumstances sound familiar:

  • Depression regarding the fact that its April and there’s still a chance of snow in the forecast
  • Insomnia from turning on Jon Stewart at 11:00 p.m. and remaining wide eyed through the Colbert Report.
  • Laryngitis from telling anyone who will listen that Spring break is SO LATE this year
  • Eye sores from the sight of the lawn still covered in sticks and other winter debris
  • Brain freeze from having water ice too early in the season
  • Nausea from all the Charlie Sheen coverage
  • Leg/back/knee/neck pain from trying to get back into shape after a LONG winter hiatus
  • Headaches from kids who are suddenly double and triple booked between Spring sports, scouts, music, and social calendar
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome from the number of field trip permission slips and physical forms needed to be completed
  • Anxiety attacks from paying taxes, summer camp bills, and vacation costs – all within 30 days

Rumor has it all of these conditions are running rampant around here – and what’s worse, there is no quick cure. It’s viral which means each and every one is going to have to run its course. But having just survived a rampant viral illness (strep was negative), I can say with reasonable confidence that this too shall pass.  In the meantime, be glad to know that you are not alone – or to blame – for these maladies.  They’re everywhere.  I think its called Spring Fever.

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