Today we’ll quickly revisit a couple of topics from the recent past.

1.  The winner of the bad restaurant names is reader Tracie, who nominated Scales and Tails in Tallahassee.  She will receive a vintage Florida tea towel, which I happen to know she will like. 

2.  The theme of Chris’s men-in-drag dance line last weekend was Barbie.  They danced to Barbie Girls, in honor of the big Barbie birthday.  Chris was Tennis Barbie.   Disturbing photos to follow.

3.  College acceptances are starting to arrive in the mail for Ian.  Nice, big envelopes with handwritten notes of welcome on in the inside.  The most recent was from MICA – Maryland College and Institute of Art, which has an amazingly great campus in Baltimore, full of kids who eat, sleep, and breathe art.  And bicycles. 

4.  Here’s how I’m tying together today’s post:  the NYT recently ran this article about a MICA graduate, Margaux Lange, who creates jewelry out of Barbie body parts.  Check out her incredible creations here - especially the breastplate of sparkly-tipped breasts.  Artists doing their thing and getting rich and famous for it?   Or at least famous?  Much more possible now, thanks to this invention of Al Gore’s.  As the parent of a future art student, I couldn’t be more grateful to the internet.



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