Yesterday Hugh walked home from school and was disappointed to find that I was the only one in the house.   He had found a turtle in the neighbor’s yard and wanted to show it off.   He described it as “pulsing” in his hands, which I found  ”repulsing.”

But thank heavens I had the presence of mind to snap some pictures, because by the time Malcolm got home 10 minutes later, the turtle has escaped from its Diet Coke fridge-pack box lined with grass and sped away.  We followed what appeared to be a trail of mashed-down grass before realizing it was the track from the wheelbarrow.  The turtle could not have gone far, yet he was completely untraceable.

frs2010 102

After dinner, we had an amazing dessert prepared entirely from scratch by Ian, from crust to curls.  Lemon meringue pie.  No turtles were involved in the making of this treat.

frs2010 105

On the table were peonies, one of my all-time favorite flowers.  The pink ones are transplanted from Chris’s childhood home, where dozens of peony bushes lined the front walk.

frs2010 109

The peony is so gorgeous, but so fleeting.  Fortunately, one has been captured on paper.

frs2010 106

Also spotted in the last 24 hours:  the first lightning bug, a bumblebee, a hummingbird, and a bunny.

Seen anything interesting in your backyard lately?
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