After sending out an SOS for ideas on how to use up school portrait wallet-size pictures, and getting some suggestions (thank you!), I remembered that my friend Lindsay had sent a brilliant card when her first-born, Liam, was in first grade. And I actually found it in a box right near my desk within five minutes. That never happens!

Lindsay’s hand-crafted stationery illustrated her headline: What a Difference a Year Makes! For bonus points, she used up TWO of the accursed wallet pictures.

So here you have Liam, a kindergartener, white hair cut pudding-bowl style, bangs framing his big brown eyes. By the time the school portrait photographer snapped Liam’s first grade shot, the kid had become a “big boy,” with much-darker hair cropped short, and a more knowing, less innocent, smile. If not for the brown eyes, you would be hard pressed to recognize these two faces as belonging to the same child.

So check out the transformation of Liam (now in 7th grade!) and feel free to steal this idea. It’s a great way to illustrate the one-year before-and-after contrast. And to whittle down your supply of those accursed tiny photos.

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