Yesterday I had an essay published on about how I find myself overindulging the brothers – and how I worry that I am raising “mama’s boys”.  It appeared under their regular Thursday feature called “Bad Parent”.  I love “Bad Parent” because it focuses squarely on the fact that none of us really know whether we are getting this whole parenting thing right.  The articles are refreshingly honest; and I don’t believe that most of the writers are really bad parents at all.  I don’t think I am. 

If you haven’t had a chance to read the piece, here is the link.  In it, I readily admit that I need more backbone when it comes to disciplining my boys.  I now realize that I also need thicker skin when admitting to these foibles.  You should read some of the comments:

My guess is if you had daughters you would be just as much of a pushover. But hey, why not pathologize it with some pop psychology? That way you don’t have to deal with actually examining your parenting choices and reassessing their effectiveness. You can just blame daddy.

Complete rubbish. It’s time to get over your daddy issues and boyfriends 1, 3, 4, and 6 and be a parent to those kids. Double dessert?? Are you serious?

The writer is deluding herself by attempting to make this about gender, her daddy issues, her ex-boyfriends, etc. It’s not. It’s about a mother who decided she’s rather be her children’s friend than their parent. It’s a sadly all-too-common situation these days.

These people think that I am a real, live BAD Parent!  Yikes!  They also think that I am trying to blame my shortcomings on bad relationships with men.  Double yikes!  Don’t they get my humor?  Can’t they tell it was tongue in cheek – not foot in mouth? 

Guess not.  (Grumble.)  Any one who thinks that double dessert every once in a while is a crime needs to lighten up significantly in my opinion.

This is the second “Bad Parent” I have written for Babble.  The other piece I did for the section is the third highest viewed article of all time on the site.  (Brag. Brag. Brag)  This ranking warms my cockles every time I see it listed and makes me feel like I’m not such a total hack.  Of course, I realize that the reason behind the page views is not my Pulitzer prize winning style but the fact that the article is about being NAKED around my kids.  (I am hoping that by putting the word NAKED in this paragraph, the MoB readership will increase significantly.)  In response to that article, someone commented that I could be arrested in the state of Ohio.  I bet THAT person doesn’t allow double dessert either.

Babble is great site because I think the editors strive to present parenting as what is really is – imperfect. I’m really proud that they take my work every now and then.   If you haven’t spent time there, I encourage you to visit and poke around.  Some of my other favorite articles from the site are:

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 Happy reading!

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