More than 20 years ago, I stood up in front of my college friends and made an impromptu speech.  It was one of the final evenings we would all be together before Penn graduation.  We happened to be having beers at the boys’ house on Delancey Street.  At the time I had no idea someday one of those boys would be the father of my children.  Still, I needed to tell these people how much they meant to me – and how important it was that we stay in touch.  I don’t remember much of what I said as I think I had some trouble finding my words.  But I do remember one wish I articulated quite clearly.  I said:  “Someday, I want my kids to know all of you.”

At that point, I think someone threw a beer at me – more than likely it was my husband-to-be.  As was often the case, I had gotten too mushy and serious.  Admittedly, the thought of children was a bit premature.  We were still children ourselves.  They all laughed, I laughed, and that was the last serious moment of the evening.

The photo above is one of many taken last weekend at Noah’s Bar Mitzvah.  It is cropped and shows five children out of group of 11 posing for a picture.  The children are from 5 different families – all offspring of the group I addressed 20 years ago.

It turned out exactly how I had planned.

(Photo by Michael “Papa” Mendell)
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