In any given week, I follow hundreds of links around the Internet.  The really funny or poignant ones I share on Facebook and Twitter (friend me/follow me), but I try not to go overboard.  Most of them elicit a chuckle or a moment of reflection or an “awwww, that’s so cute” , but are soon forgotten.

But in the last 48 hours, I have followed three different links to information that offered some real answers for women – and their partners – which I want to share with you all.   

Gee, I Guess I Was Wrong –  The co-author of a study which asserted that there is no G-spot has backed down from her claims after being attacked by a group of French gynecologists who dismissed her findings as “typical asexual Bristish pragmatism”.  Ouch.   The funnier thing – if you can get funnier that “asexual British pragmatism” – is the researcher is Swiss Portuguese.   So ladies, it still may actually exist… like the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot.  The search continues.

I’m With Stupid — This link came to me via MoB reader (and guest blogger) “Geoffo” who knows a thing or two about brains.  It seems, based on this study, that Moms can no longer blame pregnancy or motherhood on our stupidity or “persistent cognitive deterioration” as the smarties like to call it.  Ladies, remember that space cadet feeling that came over you minutes after that Clear Blue Easy test and stuck with you since then?  Seems we were imagining the connection to motherhood.  Or, better yet, faking it.  Either way, our little game is up.  Next time you walk into a room and forget why, take comfort in knowing that it’s not because you are a mommy.  It’s because you are a moron.

Searching for Mr. Goodenough  – Lastly, there is an uproar regarding the premise of this new book,  Marry Him:  The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough.  As far as I can tell the book makes a great deal of sense.  Full disclosure, I haven’t read it but I believe it suggests that you should not be unbelievably picky when you are looking to marry.  Otherwise, you just may never.  The book is aimed at women but this works both ways.  There is some good debate around the term “settling” which is a word to which I personally don’t subscribe.  But here is the thing ( and this is going to sound really old and cranky):  There is no such thing as Mr. or  Mrs. Perfect.  Even if you think you found him/her, you didn’t.    Men and women who claim their spouse (or their marriage) is perfect are lying.  (Hon, you would be perfect if it wasn’t for that sound you make when you are eating ice cream. )  So don’t miss out on someone great because he (or she) is not perfect.  You will be looking forever. 

Happy linking — and reading!   Thanks for a great week MoB readers.  From Jennifer and me, we hope your weekend is  spot-on, smart and overall good enough.   Talk Monday!!

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