Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the MoB readers who are celebrating on this glorious Wednesday.  Sadly, I will not be among you.  It’s not one of my holidays ,but I sort of wish it was.  Being Jewish, I have definitely missed out on the whole “saints” thing.   In the simplest form, and according to Wikipedia, saints are “individuals of exceptional holiness”.  And I am in favor of celebrating good people.   This got me thinking.  Saints exist all around us – it just depends on your perspective and how you define “exceptional” and “holy”.  So, lest I feel left out today, I came up with a few of my own non-denominational saints that I can celebrate on a regular basis.  Here are just a few:

St. Danica – The driver who chose to smile and wave at me after I accidentally cut her off because I was distracted by fighting brothers in the back of the mini-van.

St. Micro Geek  – The help desk person who fixed my lap top problems over the phone, without having to call me back or elevate my issue to the next level of support.

St. Wyeth – The inventor of Advil.  Need I say more?

St. Penny — The call center person who agreed to forgive my late credit card payment, taking the $35 late fee AND the interest off my balance immediately.

St. Marcus / St. Atticus / St. Joyce  – The doctor, lawyer and psychologist friends or friends of friends who have come to bat for me or my family, offering advice, assistance or just an ear, all pro bono because I asked.

St. Jimmie – The teenager at the Dairy Queen who really rolls my cone around in the chocolate sprinkles for a good long while to ensure maximum ice cream coverage.

St. Erik – Our babysitter who I can call up last minute on Saturday morning, praying he can hang out with the boys that evening.  He usually can.

St. Macy - The department store clerk who allowed me to use two coupons at once even though she was “not supposed to do this” .  Or the one who scanned her own coupon when I forgot mine. 

St. Sholl -  The pedicurist who dug her thumb into the center of my arch on Monday, releasing every ounce of tension in my body.

St. Fido of the Elements – Anyone who will walk my dog for me when it is raining.

So tell me MoB readers, who are the unsung saints in your life?  Sing about them here.

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