Cicadas drone.  Humidity rises.  Gardens crisp.  The dog days have arrived.

That means one thing:  we are starting to crack the whip around here concerning required reading for Hugh and Malcolm.  Before school starts on September 8, Malcolm has to read HOOT by Carl Hiasson, and Hugh has to read EAST OF EDEN by John Steinbeck.

Hugh has begun his dreaded chore, and finds it very slow going.  “The first six pages were descriptions of trees and grass and flowers!”  Malcolm hasn’t opened HOOT, which is as entertaining as any of Hiasson’s stuff and should, in my opinion, be eagerly anticipated.

I’d love to hear what other kids are being required to read over the summer.


To add a visual today, here are some of the tomes I bought during the recent Twizzler-fueled treasure hunt.  These were a buck or two each, all in great condition. 

Some of them have already sold…but I can at least share their covers with you.

What can I say?  I’m a sucker for books published during the early decades of the 20th century.  They were so beautifully designed.



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