A very exclusive Academy voted last night, choosing winners of Hollywood Awards.

No, not the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  The Reynolds Academy of Cinema-Goers and Netflix Pickers.

Chris, Ian, Hugh and I gathered in the kitchen to watch the big show.   Malcolm is more interested in Facebook.

We agreed that Steve and Alec were excellent together, and we even liked the big dance production number that is usually just a huge embarrassment.  Ian’s eyes went back and forth from his Mac screen to the TV screen, as he read Twitter and blogs for instant commentary.

Hugh kept track of his predictions of winners from the Wall Street Journal, which he had filled out during our wonderful lazy beach getaway this weekend (thank you to our great friends, you know who you are).

Chris was impersonating PricewaterhouseCoopers, tapping numbers into his laptop, doing the weekly finances.

I suppose that makes me Joan Rivers, keeping up commentary on hairdos and evening gowns.

For the first time in recent memory, we had, among us, seen most of the big nominated films.  Just the other night Chris, Hugh and I watched The Hurt Locker and were….blown away by it.

Just last Sunday, Chris and I went to see Up in the Air (despite being advised by our friend Leslie, who is an actual voting member of  the AMPAS, to wait for what used to be called video).  We loved that too. 

The boys had seen Avatar and that Nazi movie with the stupid spelling and several others.

So.  The point is, we were all invested and interested.  We did come up with our own awards, however.

Best chin:  Hands down, Quentin Tarantino.


Best Hair – the white-maned guy who was sitting behind Quentin.  Who WAS that, anyway?  The telecast should be required to tell us who is on camera if they are this unusual looking.

Recipient Who Most Resembles our Neighbor – T Bone Burnett.  Trust me, he looks exactly like the guy down the street.  Major credit to Ian for pointing this out and cracking us up.

t bone burnett

Most Powerful Speech:  Mo’Nique. 


Least Exposure to Sunlight:  The sound guy from the Hurt Locker.  He was so pale, he doesn’t even show up in any photographs from last night.

Best Use of Unusual Material in a Dress;  Jennifer Lopez.  Hugh swore her dress was made from bubble wrap.

jennifer lopez

Ian stayed up, but the rest of went to bed before the big winners were announced.   Here are our final awards:

Biggest upset:  Sandra Bullock.  We’re upset that she won.

Most exciting win:  Kathryn Bigelow.   Queen of the World!

kathryn bigelow

What were your favorite outfits/moments/speeches from the 2010 Oscars?
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