Oprah should have sent cameras to my family reunion in Colorado over the 4th of July. 

The middle generation was re-united with two cousins we have not seen for literally 50 years.  Mark and Bob lived with their mom following her divorce from our uncle.  When their mother re-married, they were adopted by their stepfather.  Although their birth dad saw them occasionally, the rest of us lost all contact.  Based on photographic evidence, we’re pretty sure the last time we were together was in 1959, when most of us were babies.  Here we all are at the family reunion, re-united. (Mark is at back in the blue cap, Bob is next one to the right, Mark’s wife Mary is in front of him).

It was especially amazing that our long-lost cousins attended because they just moved from Mississippi to Alabama 10 days ago, then drove to Colorado to meet up with 30-odd strangers.  Actually Mark admitted his relief at finding that we weren’t so odd, after all.  Many stories and bits of family/medical history were shared with Mark, Mary and Bob.  The third brother, Allen, wasn’t able to attend.  But there’s a reunion every two years, so – next time.

In the center, my dad with his nephew Mark.


Me with my cousins Donna and Marianne.  See any resemblance?


I think I know what color my hair will be when I stop doing the foil highlights.  Maybe I should just stop now.  Look at these beautiful shades of grey.  My dad and aunts are filling in ID’s on photos for Donna’s husband Ron, stellar geneologist and record-keeper.

My brothers Tom, Richard and Jim, with our dad.  Or as we call him now, Patriarch of the Clan.

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