This past weekend Noah may have become The Hat Kid.  Every grade has one.  You know this kid, right?  He is artsy but cool, slightly quirky but self-assured, smart, marches-to-the-beat-of-his-own-drum, and, uh, wears a hat.  Noah has been all of these things for some time, minus the hat.  But on Saturday, as we were shopping for new sneakers at the Vans store, he caught sight of one and tried it on.

I’m not sure but I think I heard “Dream Weaver” play the moment he put it on his head.  I also think some sort backlighting appeared, making my child glow with the warmth of a soul that had found its calling.  He was so smitten with this hat that we had to buy it.  And when he wears it, he is nice to everyone.  Even his brother.


It is a magic hat.

In my recollection, The Hat Kid can be a girl or a boy as long as the hat is something more interesting than a baseball cap.  One of my closest friends growing up was The Hat Kid.  Jamie always wore a different hat it defined her as a kid in a most excellent way.  I secretly wanted to be The Hat Kid, but lacked the self confidence, and perhaps the sense of style required to pull it off.  And in high school, I always fantasized about going on a date with the boy who wears the hat because I would be with the most interesting, funniest guy around.   I finally got my chance in college when Dave asked me to his semi-formal, and showed up in a tux, red converse high tops, and a hat.  Game over.

The only thing that is keeping Noah from becoming The Hat Kid at school is that he hasn’t actually worn it to school yet.  I think he is nervous about losing it – or perhaps being misunderstood, as most hat kids are.  So perhaps he won’t become The Hat Kid right away.  Perhaps he never will.  I not so secretly hope he does.  Hat kids rule.  But rest assured there is another character waiting in the wings, ready to assume his rightful place as the artsy but cool, slightly quirky but self-assured, smart, marches-to-the-beat-of-his-own-drum kinda guy. 

Meet Chase – The Shoe Kid. 


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