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A frigid iceman crept into our lives yesterday.  At the crack of dawn, Chris got rotator cuff surgery. 

He was home by noon, hooked up to his Iceman machine, trying to get comfortable in the new recliner that someone had told him was a must for recovery.  For the rest of the day, he watched all kinds of guy stuff, from Stripes to Scrubs, popped pills, and answered emails by pecking out one letter at a time, left-handed.

The ice machine whirring through the night pumped freezing water to the cuff around Chris’s shoulder.  And it made me think of an old ice company around here called Brandywine Ice, with the logo of a blowing, god-like North wind.

 The best part was the slogan:  “Packaged Ice is a Food.”  This always made me raise my eyebrows and snicker…and sadly, I never took a photo of the delivery truck, the ice freezer, or the bag of ice itself, with said slogan.  Which is now obsolete.   I had plenty of chances.  MOB reader Ed from California sent me the photo at the top of the post.  Ed, you are a god.

But really, what a bizarre claim.  And what is the point of making such an outlandish statement?  Chris always thought it provided some sort of business advantage to the company, but I’m not sure how.  

It sounds like something Austin Powers would say in his group therapy session, while describing his father.  “He would accuse chestnuts of being lazy.  He claimed to have invented the question mark.  He believed that packaged ice was a food.”

So here we are, surrounded by thoughts of ice and muscle tone.  Please feel free to share any caregiver tips, tidbits and advice.

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