First of all, let me introduce myself and explain what the heck I am doing here. My name is Eric and I plan to offer a male perspective to this corner of the world. Call it Fathers of Daughter (F.O.D) if you will. From time to time, I will bring a (hopefully) humorous view on parenting two girls, ages 10 and 11, as a “guest blogger” — as long as MoB agrees to post my musings.

I am an engineer which means I am intensely logical and analytical. I’ll be attempting to present some facts about my girls’ lives and how they interact with mine, and contrast to what we all REALLY think is happening in some of these crazy situations we all face as parents. Occasionally I might ask questions of the MoB readers, in hopes of actually getting a response. Since “you” are the court of public opinion, I will even abide by the consensus opinion. I just hope your opinion agrees with mine, but that’s the chance you take when you let the public vote (See Bush, election – 2004, Florida see also chad, hanging)

Herewith, my first entry…”When did my bedroom become a family room, and when will I get it back?” I began to notice several years ago when my kids were about 6 and 7 that they would gather in my bedroom before they went to bed. It was nice. We read stories, some quick hugs and then off to bed. As time went by they started gathering earlier and earlier in the evening.

One of the funny things about having children of the opposite sex is to decide when to start enforcing some sort of homeland privacy act, allowing the person to change, take a shower, etc. without worrying about answering anatomy questions at every turn. (As a side note, I was one of 3 boys growing up in a small house and my mom got changed in the bathroom, so this may have colored my opinions, but you are what you are.) Personally, I decided this event should occur as soon as they started talking and pointing. This leads to a case of “Excuse me, but can I have a few minutes to get changed?” which unfortunately is when their Mother chimes in with “Why?”

Thanks for the backup!

So now I am the one resorting to getting changed in the bathroom! The more things change, the more they stay the same. I am just wondering if the trend will start to reverse itself once they get a little bit older, and hanging out with Mom and Dad isn’t quite so “cool.” Either that, or I am going to need a bigger bathroom so I can put a wardrobe in it.


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