Ever wonder what makes a friendship stick? Or what makes it deep?  In a life time, how many great friendships will you have?  How many will teeter on the brink of existence?  And which ones will you let fall? 

Who are you sure of?  Who is sure of you?

I’ve thought a great deal about friendships this past year as my inventory has changed in some meaningful ways.  I have made a number of new friends, which at age 41 makes me feel especially blessed.  I have also given up on some people, reluctantly but decidedly after much thought.  And of course, some friendships still hang in the balance, their fate unclear, but hope abounds.

Last night I gathered with some of my closest friends, my college roommates/ teammates, to whom my heart is forever tethered.  We bring our husbands and kids along for the ride but everyone knows what this is all about.  For a just few hours each year, we breathe the same air and reaffirm our bond in unspoken ways.  These women came into my life years ago and committed themselves to making my time on this earth better.  Not formally, exclusively, or daily…. but inherently, consistently, and happily.    They committed to letting me in on their lives, to reaching out to check on mine, and to showing up for the moments that mattered, both big and small, in person and in spirit.  I am sure of them.

I am sure they will always take my side, before they even here the story.  (I am fairly sure at least one of them would punch an enemy if I asked.) I am sure there are no hidden agendas and their advice is heartfelt. I am sure I am not the number one priority in their lives most days, but a few times each year I make the cut, even if it involves shoveling. I am sure they have direct access to my funny bone, and they’re not afraid to use it. I am sure they will dance with me, even if no one else is dancing. I am sure they are wonderful mothers and wives and that their husbands would come to my rescue if I ever needed it. I am sure they will pick up the phone when my number is on the caller ID.  I am sure our time together never feels like enough.

Everything in life is pretty much uncertain.  If you have one friend of whom you can be sure, you are a lucky person.  I have several, some new, some old – and my cup runneth over.

As we head into the New Year, be sure to tell someone you are sure of them this week.  I bet they are sure of you, too.

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