I’m beginning to rethink polygamy.  And communes.    With some tinkering, I think these concepts might be worthy of consideration.  For the last few days, Dave and I engaged in a little communal living and I must say it has been rather pleasant.  To set the scene, our friends Doug and Mo and their two kids are refugees from their home, which is in its last dusty phases of renovation.  We spent the weekend as we normally would, shuttling the kids to karate and baseball, cooking meals, grocery shopping and running errands.  But instead of splitting the work between two parents, we split it amongst the four of us.  And because there is some overlap of activities, we all got a break.

Dave and I handled babysitting on Friday night so Doug and Mo could get ready for their Autism Speaks benefit.   Saturday morning, Doug stayed home with all four kids while Dave and Mo went on a bike ride and I went to boot camp.  AND he made steel cut oatmeal which was waiting for us when we returned, prompting me to think that having another husband was not such a bad idea.  Mo cooked chili for everyone on Saturday.   The kids had live-in play dates.  It was a total commune.

So I thought that there might be something to combining familial units and all living under one roof permanently.  Of course there would have to be rules.  For instance, the obvious one:  no spouse swapping in the biblical sense.  However, swapping in any other sense is totally allowed.  I know that Dave is attracted to Mo’s smooth and seamless effort as she prepares a gourmet meal in the kitchen.  So, if he is able to vicariously enjoy the benefits of having wife who cooks well, I’m cool with that.  It actually takes some of the pressure off.  As for me, having another “husband” to nag is twice the fun.  (Doug, I  know you havent been treated to this pleasntry by yours truly yet,  but now you have something to look forward to!)

So I ask you MoB readers, if you could have more than one husband or wife, would you consider it?    Which family would you adopt to become part of your tribe?  I consider this distinction to be the ultimate compliment so if you want to name names, go right ahead!  And then be sure to have your tribal candidates visit MoB and enjoy the accolades.


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