It’s Labor Day and last night we officially reached threat level orange at the house. With just 24 hours left before the school year started, the brothers had been deftly executing parallel jihads all weekend long — against each other and against their parents. Dave and I, having exhausted all diplomacy during these last weeks of summer, had no choice but to turn to the ultimate weapon.


At approximately 8:00 p.m. eastern standard time last night, we turned on the ABC Family Channel and made the boys watch The Sound of Music with us. If that wasn’t bad enough, we sang along during our favorite parts. Extra Loud. And I, admittedly, do not know all of the words.

So Do La Fa Me Re Do!!!

Noah caved first, asking if he could PLEASE go to bed before the Baroness even showed up. Chase, who I always suspected had more mettle, withstood the entire film, but was reduced to a shell of a boy, only able to lay quietly on a soft pillow throughout the entire second half.


Was it torture? Perhaps. But in the interest of our homeland security – actually just theirs – it had to be done. May the universe and all the believers in the principles of the Geneva Convention forgive us.

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