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Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief.  I’m not a hater but I’m not a huge fan either.  I am thinking the folks who L-O-V-E Valentine’s Day are the same people who L-O -V-E Disney World.  I tolerate both with the understanding that they are well meaning slices of Americana, albeit terribly over-hyped.  But if there is an opportunity to have a little fun along the way, so be it.

But please don’t think that I am a loveless crank.  In fact, to prove otherwise, I will share with you a secret that few people know about me: 

I am a die hard fan of cheesy love songs. 

It is not easy to admit because some of these songs, in fact, are so mushy gushy that it’s kind of embarrassing.  Still, I dream of the day that I can dance with the man that I love slowly to one of these songs… without him subjecting me to deeply hurtful ridicule.

Emily’s Top 5 Cheesy Love Song Favorites

 5.  Weekend in New England, Barry Manilow

 4.  You’re Still You, Josh Groban

 3.  Perhaps Love, John Denver

 2.  Please Come to Boston, Billy Joe Royal

 1. Never Thought, Dan Hill

 So, MoB readers, are you completely repulsed or secretly relieved that you are not the only one who belts these puppies out when you are sure no one is around?  What did I miss?  What is the one love song you that you are loathe to admit you adore?  Feel free to comment under an alias.

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