Things Unnecessary:  the name of a store at The Springfield Mall.  Not The Springfield Mall one mile from my home (although it could be), but the one in The Simpsons.  It’s full of all that stuff people bought like crazy, for no apparent reason, which then forced them to go out and rent storage units.

Today’s photo is from the grocery version of that store.

Someone apparently realized that while bananas come in their own perfect, Mother Nature-designed packaging, the problem is that they are often sold in bunches.  How about selling just one banana at a time?  And how about encasing each banana in plastic?  “We’ll put a recycling logo on there to look PC, boss.  Everyone will be happy.”  These singly-shrouded bananas were being given away at our swimming pool yesterday at the lifeguard shack, where someone had dropped them off.  I just had to take one for this rant.

Later this morning I’ll be emailing those wonderful folks who brought us more wasteful plastic in the name of Packaged Bananas (Malcolm:  “That would be a good band name”). 

Please, feel free to do the same!

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