We thought they’d never end. The political commercials. Phone calls from Scarlett and PA Governor Ed Rendell. The mentions of Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack, Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden. The daily emails from David Plouffe. The kerfuffles over the $150K grooming budget for Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama’s Kenyan aunt getting kicked out of the USA.

Ian volunteered a lot of time. He knocked on 85 doors yesterday, 18 of which were answered. One nutty woman referenced Black Panthers and slammed the door. One gracious man, who had already voted, thanked Ian and his friend for their time and dedication. Chris made phone calls, drove a voter to the polls, and put doorknob signs on houses before the Pennsylvania primary. A Johnny-come-lately, I offered to do something on Election Day, envisioning heroic assignments. Instead I was tasked with driving SACK LUNCHES to the Democratic poll watchers in a heavily Republican part of our county.

It’s all over now and BARACK OBAMA WON, as Jon Stewart informed us at 11 PM. Key battleground states went for Obama. This is epic, my friends. And I use the word “epic” in its original sense – not, as Hugh does, to describe a dinner of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Obama’s fantastic, steady victory speech was inspiring. McCain’s concession speech was more gracious than I had expected.

When 3M, a company that should have stuck with its winning product, Scotch Tape, created a very dull board game called Mr. President back in 1971, the wonky designers never imagined anything but a white man as Commander-in-Chief. Here’s my update of this deservedly long-out-of-print game.

If I were marketing this product for the hot Christmas gift-buying season, I have the perfect tagline: Yes We Can!

Anyone for a round?

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