Nobody but a kid would look at a crawdaddy and think “earring!”

More scenes from our recent heavenly stay at the Thousand Islands, where there’s always a lot of relaxation going on, and also always a lot to do. 

Malcolm & Hugh had good luck fishing for bass.  This photo looks like sushi, but we actually ate it grilled.  Yum.  I have been asked to point out that the larger fish was caught by Malcolm, who uncannily is almost always the first to reel one in.  Maybe it’s the juju of the crayfish earrings.

During one morning fishing trip, the dads and older sons stopped by a favorite spot.  Mercifully, as you’ll see in a minute, we moms were ignorant of the plan.  Blissfully ignorant.

Ian was the first to take the plunge.

Then Hugh, just leaping when Chris snapped this shot.

Now we know how this group of 4 boys answered the age-old question “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?” 



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