In this house, all of our cell phones have broken. Briefly, Chris and I considered getting the BlackBerry or iPhone. But then again, we work at home. We live in a valley with no cell towers so can’t use mobiles at home anyway. We check email at our old school laptop and desktop up until midnight. We’re leaning towards not buying into the BB lifestyle.

Besides, I strongly feel that Americans have become too obsessed with their electonica. As a blogger, I’m guilty of it. I watch teenagers, who don’t experience anything fully anymore because they’re so busy reporting on it. They Twitter. They text. They friend-as-a-verb. They text the friends who are sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THEM IN THE CAR so the driving parent can’t overhear.

BlackBerries highjack your life. I recently emailed a secretary at a law firm on a non-urgent matter and she immediately responded, from her lunch break, via BlackBerry. I didn’t mean to interrupt her downtime. And yet that’s what happened.

And as if I needed any other reason to gong the BlackBerry, witness this post’s photo, which I found online. Maybe it’s posed, but it’s real enough. A good reminder to enjoy the moment with the people you’re actually with. Especially your children. Or they’ll grow up and write a song about how your crackberry addiction ruined their lives.

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