charlieandchaseCharlie and Chase – The Speech 

Dear Chase:

This past week you ran for student council co-president with your friend Charlie.  Together you came up with your own slogan (Charlie and Chase will put a smile on your face!), hung posters, and wrote a speech.  You practiced, both with Charlie and with me (and the ice cream scooper a.k.a. microphone) speaking slowly so that everyone would understand your words.  And you both delivered that speech with emotion and humor in front of the entire school.  It didn’t matter that there were more than a dozen impressive candidates running or that student council president was an elusive goal for your older brother a few years before.  You wanted to try with your friend.  And had you two lost, I knew you would have been graceful in your defeat.

Oh but you won.

Someday when you are a parent, you will understand how difficult it is to contain your pride when your son or daughter shines all by themselves, without any help from you.  That happened this week for sure – but not in the obvious way. 

The day after the election, another candidate’s Mom found me at your baseball game.  Her son did not win but she wanted to congratulate me and tell me something.  Earlier in the week, she relayed, her son was struggling to hang up his own campaign posters in the hallway.  His running mate was not available to help.  But you happened to walk by and you helped him hang his poster.  It didn’t matter that he was running against you.  He was a friend in need.  You didn’t hesitate.

You are kind, approachable, empathetic and honest.  Doing the right thing trumps your own self-interest at every turn.  I think today’s politicians could learn much from your philosophy and disposition.  Your goodness is natural – not rehearsed or contrived.  Everyone feels better when you are around. 

This past week you were the ultimate winner in more ways than one.  And I am so very, very proud of you.

Love, Mom

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