On Tuesday night my heart swelled with pride and I cried as I watched Barack Obama’s victory speech in Grant Park. Earlier that day, I had canvassed voters, walking from house to house in the rain to make sure that supporters had gotten to the polls before they closed. The Obama volunteers didn’t want people to go out on their own so I was paired with a total stranger, I got in his car, and off we went. We did not know each other but became fast friends and were giddy to be together working for a common cause. And although I did not volunteer as much as others did, I felt a part of something important and bigger than myself.

When it became apparent that Obama had won, many commentators immediately focused on the historical significance of the first black U.S. President. And it is very significant; I am overwhelmed with pride for my country that elected him. Yet as a white voter, I do hope that Obama’s race does not remain the most compelling story. Because it has been very clear to me all along that Barack Obama was not just the African-Americans’candidate. He was also MY candidate…and Jennifer’s…so many other men and women of ALL races, religions, and beliefs. The diversity of the crowds celebrating on television spoke volumes. Throughout this Presidential race, I never thought of Obama as the “black candidate” – to me he was simply the “best candidate”. And his victory will be all of ours to share as one nation.

Ironically, there was another “black victory” this week. Last night, in front of family and friends, after six years of training, Noah received his black belt in karate. He had to break a board, which I know from experience really stings, and that’s if you’re successful. And as much as I always want to be there for my kid, there was absolutely no way that I could help him out on any of this. Like on election night, I just had to sit there and watch it unfold, hoping for the very best.

karate noah 1karate noah 2

Noah brought it. This black victory was his — and his alone.



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