Last night’s news had a report that American children are now spending almost the equivalent of a full workday staring at a screen.   Facebook.  XBox.  Texting.  TV watching.  Web surfing.   It adds up.

Big deal.  I would like to point out that I, a representative of the middle-aged American,  am a target of marketers as well.  Screens are now everywhere in MY life too! 

Let the teenage boys have Fuel TV.  Ha!  I am transfixed by Gas TV’s report on Heidi’s latest burst of surgeries as I fill ‘er up with unleaded.

january 505

At the grocery store, my beloved beloved screens are everywhere.  I especially relish Meat TV.

january 499

Although Fruit TV is also highly entertaining.  I try to be at Acme every day at 3 PM for some excellent recipe tips.  Whoever is programming Tuber TV has a future at NBC.

january 501

At the end of my shopping trip, I begin to go through withdrawal from screenland.  But wait!  There’s more!  Bless you, Check-Out TV.  Thank heavens I don’t have to flip through horoscope booklets or God forbid, talk to another person near me.  I can zone out and watch the cathode rays while I wait to pay.  Sometimes the little snippets about Jennifer Aniston’s latest break-up are so compelling, I buy the latest copy of HELLO!

january 502








On to the gym.  This used to be a waste of perfectly good TV-watching time.  Either I had to watch the communal TV that was tuned to sports or Fox, or I had to read a magazine.  Gah! 

Thankfully, the YMCA recently got brand new treadmills.  Now we can all be trudging couch potatos!  Just plug your iPod in for sound while watching your own personal choices.  (When I get my iPod set up, I will do this too.  In the meantime, I watch the clumsy closed captioning).  Since Ian refused to take my photo in this public place, I had to take my own photo.  That’s my hand, switching channels.  Oh look, Tyra!

january 508

At around mile two, I got bored and needed a new show.  Flipping to TLC, which used to stand for The Learning Channel, I watched that kooky couple from Arkansas – the husband and wife with 17 kids – as they blundered into a head shop in San Francisco and puzzled over the crazy glassware!

january 509

A show called Toddlers and Tiaras, about baby beauty queens, was being hyped.  I believe TLC now stands for The Lowest Class.  And TreadTV calls itself Cardio Theater.  Very culturally enriching.

january 510

Thank you, social engineers or evil enemies from outer space, for guaranteeing that we never have to be without a screen again, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.  TVs in cars, bars, trains, planes, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, copy shops, gyms and post offices – all we need are more screens in libraries, yoga studios, houses of worship, and hiking trails and in national parks, so you can beam messages into our heads 24/7.

Then ours will truly be a utopian society.

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